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Marine Master /
Slave Clocks systems

Semco Maritime can provide a big range of products in high quality and have the best products from the leading manufacturers of master and slave clocks in the world.
Thanks to a great know-how and a large customer relation all around the world Semco Maritime can always help with the right solutions.

The concept for the new Time Control (TC) Master Clock System is made to reduce cabling costs, starting up costs and total weight.

Most of the Slave Clocks can be delivered with the following movements:
. LAN (Ethernet) driven slave clocks
. Intelligent, self synchronizing, very fast forward movement, 1 minute step. This new Time Control system are intelligent self synchronizing Slave Clocks. The clocks are driven by the serial TC time signal from the Master Clock. The clocks will automatically adjust to the correct time;
. Forward/backward, 30 second step;
. Forward movement, 1 minute step.