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Design and construction
of perfect and stilish
passenger seats for ships,
trains, coaches and buses

Politecnica s.r.l., based in Monsano near Ancona (Italy),
was founded in 1998 by people with more than
20 years experience in projects and manufacture
of passenger seats.

The high standard materials used by Politecnica,
as well as the elegant design, put their seats among
the lightest and captivating in the market.

Both the metallic structure and upholstery
are produced internally, thus enabling a better
control of the whole manufacturing procedure
as well as the delivery times and customers service.
A modern internal laboratory, provided
with homologated testing machinery,
allows the technicians to check, in a very short time,
that the seats meet all the requirements.

Machinery such as welding and laser cutting robots
and automatic polyurethane foaming systems
ensures the continuity of the high standard production.

Politecnica meets ISO 9001 requirements,
certified by R.I.Na./CISQ-Partner of IQNET.

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