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Solutions for

marine accommodation

Wall panels
, Ceilings
Floating floors, Doors.

Since more than 20 years Panelfa produce,
in their factory in Pontevedra in Spain, accommodation materials for the shipbuilding industry. Their products have been installed on cruisers, passenger ferries, mega yachts, navy vessels
and offshore platforms.

Modern equipment, technologically advanced, together with a highly professional staff, guarantee good quality and competitive prices.

The presence of Panelfa worldwide is constantly increasing. Their reference list includes supplies in Europe, Russia, UAE, USA, Mexico and South America.

The range of certified products includes B15 and A-60 wall panels, B-0 and B-15 ceilings, A-60 floating floors, B15, A-15, A-60 doors. The wall panels are available in two versions: one-line (male/female joint) and demountable (clip joint).

Panelfa is certified ISO 9001-2008 and 14001-2004. Furthermore, being seriously engaged in the fields
of safety and health at work, has obtained
the certification according to OSHAS 18001-2007.

Their agents have the knowledge and the competence to assist the customers for any requirement.
 Panelfa guarantee an accurate technical service
and a thorough commercial assistance directly from the factory when required.

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