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Helmsman Chairs
& Deck-Rails

The complete line of well
known and popular helmsman
chairs & deck-rails.

Norsap AS was established in 1969 as a company
working with aluminium products. Today
the major products of this company, which is
located in Kristiansand (Norway), are helmsman
and operator chairs which are mounted onboard
supply vessels, passenger ferries, cruise ships,
offshore rigs, navy vessels, yachts, fishing
vessels and even submarines.

Norsap is flexible to adapt quickly to specific
demands. NorSap makes use of 3D modeling
software, in-house engineers and designers who
focus on effective, flexible solutions. Many of these
are customized based at special inquiries.
Norsap has machines for rapid prototyping
to make sure such solutions can be seen in short time.

Norsap also manufactures products for the pleasure
boat market, table and seat columns and other equipment.

Whatever the end market is, Norsap aims to provide
rugged but stylish products, specifically designed
to suit the customers’ need.

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