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vermiculite boards

Partitions, walls, ceilings
and furniture.

The Grena a.s. Company was established in 1941.
The factory is based in Veseli nad Luznici which
is 100 km far from Prague, Capital city of the
Czech Republic.
Grena started to produce non-combustible,
fire-resistant and refractory boards
from exfoliated vermiculite in 1998

Grenamat A boards are made from expanded
vermiculite and inorganic binder. They are harmless
to one’s health and free of any asbestos, glass
or mineral fibers. The boards are resistant
to high temperature up to 1250 °C.
These boards feature good sound reduction
and thermal insulating properties.
One of the advantages of vermiculite boards
is that they are easy to work using the normal
wood-working tools.
Various surface finishes can also be applied easily.

The boards and ship constructions - Ceiling B0,
B15, Walls B0, B15 and Deck A15 are certified
by DNV(Det Norske Veritas). The certification
is valid all over the world.
Part of Grena production are also:

Grenamat AL: non-combustible vermiculite boards
for land building constructions as a fire protection;

Grenamat AS: refractory boards for high temperature
insulation for stoves, furnaces and fire places;

Grenamat AR: insulating boards for temperature

Grenamat B and Grenamat C boards: fire-resistant
boards from vermiculite and wooden substances
to increase the fire-resistant constructions.

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